Singer Mulualem Takele singing “Ayilemedegnim” on Seifu EBS

A great live performance depends on having strong stage presence. You might mess up your guitar solo, your vocal performance, or even struggle with the sound engineer ruining everything. However, if you have charismatic stage presence and amp up the fun factor, nothing else matters. The main factor that determines whether someone will tell their friends to go see you again the next time you’re in town or spread the good word about your performance after the show is your on-stage presence “Even though I don’t like that style of music, the band that night was really bad, but the vocalist was the most animated and entertaining person I’ve ever met. Just to see this guy run around like a maniac on stage is worth seeing them!” If you have a flawless stage presence, you can handle any unforeseen calamities and win over a large audience. Rock bands, a lone violinist in a large orchestra, a solo slam poet, a comedian, and anyone else who performs in front of a crowd of any size are all included in this. If you have a reserved seat in an orchestra, of course, you can’t use all of these tips, but otherwise, if you have the freedom to move around, you should use every trick you can to your advantage. And below, you’ll find everything you need. It goes without saying that you’ll work on your performance, research the greats and their star power, and try to emulate their charisma and charm, but that still doesn’t tell you how to control the audience effectively. Let’s first define stage presence precisely before moving on to the 13 stage performance advice.

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