Singer Tadele Roba expressing his joy b/c Argentina’s

When you choose the path that is against the tide, it requires a lot of guts. Most individuals choose the broad path because it is simple to do so. It’s simple to just go with the flow. When you stay loyal to yourself and forge your own identity, it becomes more difficult. It requires guts and inner strength to face the task of always being authentic. Whatever life throws at you, you’ll be prepared to manage it. You know your limitations and the boundaries you have established for yourself when you are always being authentic. You will be aware of when someone crosses your boundaries. However, if you don’t set boundaries, you risk having people take advantage of you and walk all over you. You are more likely to recognize when someone is abusing you if you are consistently yourself and set boundaries. Being authentic doesn’t imply being egotistical or lacking empathy for others. Being authentic means that you accept who you are. Living your life as you wish to involves being true to yourself, regardless of what other people may think. It merely indicates that you value yourself. You can’t control other people or their thoughts, so worrying about what they might think is pointless. Everyone has a separate life that they are free to live according to their own principles. We might have been told from a young age that we are inadequate just as we are. As we are, people wouldn’t accept us. They desired for us to think, appear, and act differently. Because we are, at our heart, relational beings, the urge for connection and social interactions is intrinsic to human nature. Many of us opted for compromise out of fear of being abandoned, alone, and defenseless.

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