Singer Tarekegn Mulu on EBS tea time

We all know it’s not the good times, if we are being completely honest with ourselves. Our greatest teachers come from our challenges. It is simpler to understand that going through difficult times makes you stronger once we accept this. Many of us learn to be grateful by adopting the attitude that “there’s always someone worse off than you.” The issue with this strategy is that it forces us to concentrate on the circumstances of others. Consider this. If your attention is on the experiences of others, how can you learn from your own experiences? This strategy of distraction breeds a certain resentment. It makes you feel as though you aren’t allowed to want better for yourself when you are constantly reminded of how bad everyone else has it. You are so cognizant of others’ struggles that you feel guilty for your own good fortune. You shift your focus away from your personal experiences. Instead of being “grateful” that it could have been worse, we can be grateful for the lesson learned if we concentrate on and overcome our difficulties. We must alter the way we perceive things. We could learn from the lessons if we realized that going through difficult times makes you stronger. We can also be aware of our own challenges and triumphs. Without our blessings, life wouldn’t be so bittersweet. Instead of learning from someone else’s experience, it’s time to face our own struggles head-on and process what is happening in our lives. Your experiences are there to provide you with a lesson that is tailored to your needs. Think about that.

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