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Singing is not a sin Musician Enoch Mercy | Seifu on EBS

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Korean Ambassador to Ethiopia, Lim Hoonmin said that his nation will always remember the penances paid by Ethiopian veterans in the Korean War.

Korean Embassy in Addis Ababa mutually with Ethiopian Veterans has commended the 75th commemoration of the public freedom day of Korea.

Korea consistently recollects Ethiopians who courageously battled in the Korean War from 1951 to 1953, the represetative pushed.

The Ambassador commented that the commitment of Ethiopian veterans in the conflict established the framework for the current Korea.

Korea would not understand the new quick democratization and monetary accomplishments if Ethiopian conflict legends didn’t add to its freedom through penances in the front line, the represetative noted.

Addis Ababa hoods a historical center that remembers Ethiopian legend saints who lost their lives at the front lines in the Korean conflict from 1950-1953.

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