Sintayehu the pranker with Hanna Yohannes

It can be difficult to come up with a brilliant practical joke that will work in the few seconds when your target isn’t looking. However, if you play these simple and quick-to-set-up practical jokes on someone who can take the joke being played on them, you can easily overcome this barrier. It goes without saying that many practical jokes are cruel and that many more waste perfectly decent office supplies. However, there are still a few jokes that are entertaining even for those outside the “epic prank” subculture. Then think about pulling one of these low-effort, high-reward pranks, which don’t involve any spilled beverages at all. The best part is that for a more personalized pranking experience, we’ve separated them into “Harmless Pranks” and “More Serious Pranks.” Consider pulling a harmless prank on someone if you’re pranking them for the first time. Go for a more serious prank if you’re tricking someone who has a little more experience or possibly an opponent who isn’t aware they are your enemy. Simply add their email address to a silly mailing list or newsletter of your choice. There aren’t any deer, just to be clear on that one. However, missing out on viewing deer is not a great letdown, which raises the “harmless prank” aspect in this situation. Using my own roommate as an example: Tell them you hid their comb, socks, and toothpaste, but keep their socks and toothpaste hidden. Tell the truth whenever you can.

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