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Sisay Agena speaks about Amnesty’s report

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ESAT’s writer Sisay Agena talks about Amnesty’s report. As far as political strength, for more than four years preceding Prime Minister Abiy’s expected force there was a mounting public pressing factor for change. Accordingly, Prime Minister Abiy was chosen as director of the administering party and the Prime Minister.

Following his acknowledgment discourse, trust clear all through the country, and in the locale. In the initial not many days, the Prime Minister reported absolution, harmony, and solidarity as his focal columns for his changes.

As a component of the changes political detainees were delivered, lawmakers and media estranged abroad were welcomed into the nation, a highly sensitive situation was lifted, prohibited media were permitted, legal and security establishments were announced free and the recuperating cycle was going very well except for certain difficulties.

Skillet African Visions: We will get to the particulars of the contention in a second however we should discuss your present capacities. You have been Ambassador for two or three years at this point, what is the condition of ties among Washington and Addis Ababa?

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