Sisters meeting for the first time after 40 years

It’s easy for those of us who work with kids to forget how crucial sibling connections are to kids’ and teenagers’ healthy development. Even if parent-child connections are crucial, the family structure as a whole is what we tend to concentrate on more. However, 82 percent of kids live with a sibling, and our relationships with our siblings can be the ones we have for the longest. For a variety of reasons, siblings are significant. First, due to their age proximity, children may be more willing to share information with their siblings than with their parents. This may cover common subjects like friendships, relationships, and school, as well as more worrying ones like abuse, drug use, pregnancy, self-harming habits, or suicidal ideas. Second, because they are more inclined to confide in them, siblings can be a more reliable source of support for kids and teenagers. We know that one of the major danger factors for developing youth is suffering in isolation, so this section is crucial. Young people’s ability to communicate their feelings to anyone, whether a sibling, parent, or friend, can be incredibly therapeutic and help to prevent the worsening of depression or anxiety. Finally, before attempting something in a social context, siblings might act as a sounding board for one another. Healthy sibling relationships have been shown to encourage empathy, prosocial behaviour, and academic success. While a great source of support, healthy sibling relationships.

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