Skin products that you should never put on your face

Due to the fact that it eliminates bacteria on your face, it is a well-known zit killer. However, hydrogen peroxide can harm your own skin cells, particularly fibroblasts, which are important for the growth of new tissue and wound healing. Avoid using it to treat scrapes and cuts as well. Instead, use soap and water. Your already sensitive skin may get irritated by hydrogen peroxide. It has long been known that this liquid gold provides a wide range of advantages for infant health. Now, some spas provide breast milk facials to calm the skin and treat acne. You won’t be hurt. However, it is preferable to use a cream or other products that include lauric acid, a fatty substance contained in breast milk. This plant is a well-known natural cure for greasy skin, tightening pores, and treating acne. A type of chemical known as an astringent, witch hazel stimulates the skin tissue to constrict. However, witch hazel-containing toners might deplete your skin of all its natural oils. The result could be itchiness, dryness, or even allergic responses. This medicine soothes skin that is red, itching, and swollen. Therefore, if you have rosacea or other related conditions, you could be tempted to spread it on. However, because this kind of steroid cream thins the skin, it increases the risk of facial blood vessels bursting. Additionally, it may cause your oil glands to overwork, which could result in “steroid acne.” For a day or two, you can use a small amount on bug bites and unpleasant rashes.

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