Solomon and Amanuel crying in USA at Eregnaye drama party

It goes without saying that talking to your friends and family about your worries can help you relax. Numerous health problems, including high blood pressure, headaches, and heart arrhythmia, can be brought on by stress. According to a Forbes article citing an American Psychological Association survey, 36% of Americans say they interact with people more often to reduce stress. Spending quality time with your family will help you avoid unhealthy stress-relieving behaviors like binge eating or smoking as well as these health problems related to stress. In a nine-year study, researchers discovered that those with strong social ties had a mortality rate that was about three times lower than that of those without such connections. According to research, those who are able to maintain strong relationships despite leading unhealthy lifestyles are more likely to live longer than those who are socially isolated. You may live longer if you spend time with your loved ones and friends. Every aspect of a person’s life can benefit from spending time with friends and family in terms of their health. Family members can promote healthy habits like exercising and eating well while discouraging bad ones like smoking and using drugs. According to University of Texas at Austin researchers, spending time with loved ones and friends positively affects everyone’s lifestyle choices. You might give running a try with your best friend if she enjoys it. You’ll probably develop the habit of making healthy meals for family dinners if your parents do so frequently. Making wise decisions can be aided by investing quality time in supportive relationships.

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