Solutions for sleepless night

The diagnosis of insomnia and the search for its explanation may include the following, depending on your situation: Examination of the body. If the cause of your sleeplessness is unknown, your doctor may conduct a physical examination to check for evidence of medical issues that could be linked to insomnia. A blood test may be performed on occasion to screen for thyroid disorders or other illnesses that are linked to poor sleep.
Examine your sleeping habits. Your doctor may ask you to complete a questionnaire to determine your sleep-wake pattern and level of daytime sleepiness, in addition to asking you sleep-related questions. You could be requested to keep a sleep journal for a few weeks as well.

A sleep research was conducted. If the cause of your insomnia isn’t apparent, or you’re showing signs of another sleep problem like sleep apnea or restless legs syndrome, you might need to spend the night at a sleep clinic. A number of body functions, including as brain waves, respiration, heartbeat, eye movements, and body movements, are monitored and recorded as you sleep.

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