Some of unique marriages that you wouldn’t believe happened

Love can manifest itself in a variety of ways, but I never imagined it could look like this. We’ll look at the top ten most bizarre unions ever recorded, in which humans wed not only animals but also inanimate objects like the Berlin Wall, the Eiffel Tower, and amusement park rides. And of course, marriages that are permitted by custom or culture tend to be ritualistic or symbolic rather than the more common acknowledgement of a partnership. In Germany, a postman wed his white and black cat. Even though shocked officials refused to conduct the ceremony, an actress had to play the registrar for the blushing “bride” who was dressed in white for the most important day of her nine lives. Former soldier Erika La Tour Eiffel, 37, from San Francisco, has already fallen in love with inanimate items. But at a private ceremony witnessed by a small group of friends, it is the Eiffel Tower that she has sworn to love, honor, and obey. To honor the bond, she legally changed her name. This occurred in China in 2007. With more than 100 friends and family members as witnesses, a man marries a woman in costume. In November 2009, Sal9000, a man, wed the love of his life. Nene Anegasaki is her name, and she resides inside the Love Plus video game for the Nintendo DS. At a Make: Japan gathering held at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, a wedding took place.

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