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Some people ask me why I don’t go to school

Whatever it means to you, difficult times are a normal part of life. You can cope with them better by learning how to do so. Perhaps you’ve had a financial setback. Or perhaps a loved one of yours is dealing with health issues. Perhaps you’ve lost your job or are struggling because of a toxic relationship. Even while you may not have complete control over these challenges, you do have a choice in how they affect how you feel. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed when you’re going through a difficult moment. This can seem to last forever when you are experiencing emotional anguish or irritation. Even just thinking about it might exacerbate someone’s feelings and make them more intense. You may get out of this attitude by changing the way you think and looking at things from a different aspect. Say to yourself whatever you would tell your best friend. ‘I know it feels like this will be forever, and I know rationally it’s not,’ is an example of a reframing. I’ve faced difficult situations in the past and managed to recover. I’m confident I can overcome this as well. Ignoring emotions won’t make them go away. They emerge later and in ways that we’re not quite sure of. When things get challenging, it’s best to acknowledge your emotional experience and give yourself permission to feel. Withholding emotions could make it harder to deal with the situation in the long run. Allow all of your feelings to come out. Sorrow, annoyance, and grief. Give yourself time and space to suffer, cry, and be upset. Healing requires experiencing and sharing your feelings.

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