Home News Some survivers of the wollega incident speak

Some survivers of the wollega incident speak

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Convention Affairs Director-General at Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Feisel Aliyi got the accreditations. He energetically invited the representatives and said Ethiopia is quick to additionally reinforce its relations with the individual nations.
During the event, Ambassador Stephane Jobin of Canada brought up his obligation to additionally reinforce the long-standing reciprocal ties of the two nations. He communicated revenue to extend the energetic political relationship to exchange, speculation, and advancement issues too.
The situation with the philanthropic help with Tigray, the Covid-19 inoculation, and issues of monetary improvement were examined also. Envoy Aleligne Admasu of Israel portrayed the unfaltering amicable connection between the two nations and the social and verifiable ties of the charitable individuals.
He pledged to improve venture and diaspora commitment between the two nations during his residency as per the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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