Someone tried to take Meklit away

Set aside an hour once a month to host a Google Hangout for your ardent supporters for an even more time-efficient option. If you think your fanbase would be interested in the idea, choose the attendees by hand and turn the event into a contest. Even though some people might be disappointed they missed a hangout, always remind your fans that there will be another the following month. Then, point them in the direction of where they can sign up for your newsletter, enter the contest, or use whatever entry method you decide to use, if you decide to use one. Talk about your music, your life, your cat, your significant other, or play some covers for your fans during the hangout. The options are truly limitless, and you are free to be as individualized as you like. Bonus points if you can recall a specific fact about one of your fans from one of their Facebook posts. Play a song that is dedicated to someone in the hangout, for instance, if you know it is their favorite. Seems absurdly simple, don’t you think? Although it only takes a few milliseconds, fans value it greatly. Anyone will be thrilled if one of their favorite musicians follows them back on Twitter or Instagram because it happens so infrequently. Who do you follow back, though? A good rule of thumb is to follow someone back if you recognize them from one of your shows, another platform, or if they engage with you directly through a tweet or comment. Compared to people who follow indiscriminately and never interact, that fan is more invested. If you really want to show them that you care, “like” and comment on their posts and let them know. Those insignificant interactions are so significant.

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