Sometime time our problem is we don’t have people

Everybody has a unique journey, and experiences frequently influence how we respond to particular circumstances. Try to be as receptive to new ideas as you can during debates. Your employees will feel more at ease around you and open up to you if they think you are a trustworthy person. As a result, there will be less possibility of conflict because you can talk things out when there are issues. Misunderstandings between two coworkers can occasionally lead to disagreements. You should be careful to leave as little up to interpretation as possible to avoid this kind of disagreement. Colleague communications via text messaging have increased with the transition to remote work. The worst thing you can do is to keep all of your emotions within and spend the entire day being angry. It’s crucial to express your feelings to the coworker politely. Be truthful, direct, and give reasons for your feelings. Avoiding personal attacks and concentrating your message on the behaviour and how it makes you feel are also excellent strategies. For instance, “When you cut me off during the team meeting, I felt like you didn’t value my contributions.” Sometimes, when we believe we despise a coworker, it’s only because of an imagined reason. It is unwise to make assumptions about coworkers.

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