“Sometimes people start marriage for the wrong reason” Pastor Chere

Meet with Cherenet Belay, a preacher. The current educational plan’s inability to create a morally sound age, insufficiency in science and innovation angles, lack of native information in the educational program, expertise confusion between training and work markets, computerized ignorance, and lack of ability, to name a few flaws, are all significant flaws. Before the analysis, many tests were conducted. Two years of kindergarten training are also included in the new educational plan. There was no educational plan in place for KG in Ethiopia. Training is free through the eighth grade, and parents are required to take their children to school. Regardless of how good a schooling instructional program is, it will not succeed without good teachers. As a result, we came to the conclusion that mandatory education should be taught by first-degree holders, while optional training should be taught by experts. We put together a training curriculum for both understudy and educators. Two years ago, the new educational plan was completed. The prospectus is then ready for each of the 21 courses offered in grades one through twelve.

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