Song writer Abebe Melese on EBS tea time

What if your role as a parent is to raise a joyful person rather than a faultless one? I once brought a bunch of street kids to an art workshop and saw them paint and draw without regard for accuracy, only for having the most fun possible! That day, I stopped expecting my children and myself to be flawless. I understood that having joy in the process permits us to accomplish more pleasantly rather than holding ourselves back with tension and pressure. My children and I now wonder, “How much fun could we have if we weren’t striving for perfection?” Kids are always exploring and discovering new paths: one day they’ll be a pilot, the next an artist, and the next a painter-dancer-astronaut! Be present and observant when your youngster reveals their dreams. Allow them to make their own decisions rather than making you or anyone else pleased. Be willing to adjust your assistance as your child grows. You might be aware of occasions when they want something that isn’t in their best interests. Ask kind questions like, “Are you constructing your life on your terms?” Is this genuinely the path you wish to take?” It is critical to encourage your youngster to use their voice. If they are standing up to you and saying, “I disagree with you. This isn’t working for me!” don’t turn them off. Be open and attempt to see things from their perspective. Be prepared to explain why you are adopting a specific stance or not allowing anything at this moment. Don’t presume they’re too young or won’t understand what you’re saying. Children are resilient, inquisitive, and each has their own version of excellence. Our greatest gift as parents is allowing our children to freely explore their individuality and become the people they know they can be.

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