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Special interview with artist Michael Million

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We began observing Adwa on Square with our youngsters – Artist Michael Million on the EBS show. Private Reputation of Colors incorporates 24 conceptual and semi-non-literal compositions, most of which Eyasu delivered in the previous year.

Solid tones and clear straight lines make his works particularly unmistakable pieces. “I get asked what these tones imply and I tell individuals I work unexpectedly. The shading decisions are unconstrained. Yet, the more I consider everything, I understand it’s my own psyche settling on these decisions.

Shadings don’t have normal or public musings; so I named this show the Private Reputation of Colors.” he clarifies. Maybe there is some mystery these tints mind their own business yet Eyasu has figured out how to prod them into uncovering some part of their reality. These theoretical pieces have a sticker-like uniqueness.

The unmistakable tones and mathematical structures jump off the material. The show incorporates semi-metaphorical works Eyasu made as his last workmanship school project just about 4 years prior.”

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