Special Meskel celebration at Mekedonia

Consider yourself in their position. How would you feel if individuals frequently suggested that you date someone you work with in Instagram comments? or if people you don’t know showed up at your door? Or were you physically threatened by someone after they disagreed with something you said? You would experience fear and distress. Just because someone has achieved fame due to their talent does not give you the right to observe, control, or participate in every aspect of their existence. Fans are necessary for people to succeed and for shows to stay on the air, but it’s critical to recognize the difference between a supportive fan and an obsessed one. You’re good to go as long as you respect the folks who are producing your favorite stuff. There is a method to stay in touch with your followers even when you are hundreds of miles away, even though dropping in on them might not always be possible (or welcome). As an illustration, include a handwritten thank-you card with each shipment of merchandise, addressing the recipient and their order by name. Every fan will adore this simple act of kindness. Everyone is curious about the behind-the-scenes life of their favorite band. The fans you do have are tremendously inquisitive about who you are and what you get up to, even if you aren’t travelling the world playing for tens of thousands of screaming fans. Regularly posting vlogs or tour diaries that showcase your unadulterated, unrefined, authentic selves will make your followers feel more connected to you.

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