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Speech by the Mayor of Gonder

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Gonder Mayor Molla’s discourse to individuals of Gonder. Hostile to TPLF rallies have proceeded for quite a long time in a few pieces of the nation as the psychological oppressor bunch strengthening its combativeness and draw in regular citizens in the northern pieces of the country. A huge number of inhabitants of Gambela town have today upbraids the psychological militant TPLF in a favorable to government rally they arranged today.

They recited the trademark “Youngsters Should Go to School Not Terrorist Camps” while denouncing the utilization of kid fighters in the conflict the psychological militant gathering has pursued against regular people in northern Ethiopia. They conveyed notices perusing: “Our Unity won’t be disturbed with Machinations of the TPLF Junta”, “We remain by the National Defense Force in the battle against the psychological militant association and its lapdogs”, “Greatness for officers of the National Army who forfeited their lives for the sway of the country”, among others.

Similar meetings have additionally been arranged in the towns of Asosa and Debre Markos towns. The demonstrators in all towns have reviled the barbarities and fear demonstrations of the TPLF and reaffirmed proceeded with help to the public armed force. Individuals in the exhibitions have commended the second filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) and request unfamiliar forces quit interfering in the foreign relations of Ethiopia.


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