Spiritual singer Fenan’s spending her wedding with children

While we are discussing the benefits of getting married to your closest friend, it’s clear that you’re curious in how frequently this actually occurs. One-third of those who attempted to find real love with their best friends succeeded in getting married. These numbers are quite encouraging. Now, every friendship is different, just like every love partnership. Your relationship with them will determine if you can get married and whether you can walk down the aisle with your closest friend. Your closest friend is already an expert on you. And to top it off, they love you just the way you are. They know you, which should be at the top of your list of benefits if you’re considering getting married to someone you consider your best friend. With your best friend, you can be totally yourself. And when you need help, your best buddy will know just how to console you. The idea that for a marriage to succeed, the partners must have compatible values and ideas is not new. Eventually, the initial zeal and infatuation will fade, and you will have learned much of what there is to know about one another. Your moral principles will then act as the primary adhesive holding your marriage together. Mutual core values are a necessary foundation for friendships. And the strongest basis for your relationship is a set of values you both share if you plan to be with someone for the rest of your life.

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