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Statement Amhara region and other breaking news

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Al Jazeera’s Catherine So, uncovering from Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa, said quite possibly the most un-appealing conditions was the reconstructing of what Addis Ababa considers the fomenter government in Tigray.

“We have not heard from the Ethiopian government … it will be difficult to recognize a bit of these solicitations. For example, by legitimizing the TPLF as an organization of Tigray, the [central] government will surrender defeat,” she said.

“However, a couple of specialists we have bantered with are saying that perhaps this is a little window to the start of a political talk.”

The TPLF returned to the district’s capital, Mekelle, on Monday to cheering gatherings. Their return was followed by an uneven declaration of a ceasefire by the public government, a move pardoned by TPLF agent Getachew Reda as a “joke”.

Sunday’s declaration said the TPLF would recognize a détente on a major level if there were ironclad certificates of no further interruptions, in any case, a movement of various conditions would ought to be met before any agreement could be formalized.

“Assaulting powers from Amhara and Eritrea should pull out from Tigray and return to their pre-war areas,” it said.

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