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Statement by Amhara Prosperity Party

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The Statement given by the Amhara Prosperity Party concerning Welkait. As per Addis Standard, “individuals of Amhara are never prepared to render retribution. This doesn’t mean, nonetheless, that they are anxious with the individuals who say, ‘we will dole out a retribution,'” the assertion said, blaming Tigrayn powers for endeavoring to dole out the retribution.

“We repeat that Wolkait, Tegede, Telemt, and Raya are spaces of Amhara that the Amhara have liberated through their own penances. We need to console you over and over that if there is a longing to hold onto these spaces wrongfully, there is no Amhara that won’t take care of its opportunity.”

The assertion came not long after news by Reuters citing Getachew Reda as saying: “Our essential center is to debase foe battling abilities … So if going to Amhara is the stuff, we will do it, if going to Eritrea is the stuff, we’ll do it.”

On June 28 the government said it’s anything but a solicitation for a one-sided truce postponed by Tigray Interim Administration. The declaration came not long after reports of the take over of Mekelle city by powers once in the past faithful to the TPLF which have since renamed themselves as Tigray Defense Forces (TDF) surfaced.


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