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Statement by General Tesfaye Ayalew

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The Junta armed force, which had gone to Sudan was obliterated – the assertion given by the Ethiopian protection power. Egypt and Sudan are attempting to keep up obsolete, frontier based, treacherous, and select settlements while Ethiopia endeavors to change these into impartial and reasonable use and the board of the Nile River as per the standards of global law. In a select meeting with ENA, GERD arrangement colleague Zerihun Abebe said it is smarter to cooperate with siblings in the upstream nations and structure an extremely solid stream bowl commission on a strong establishment.

As per him, just, evenhanded and reasonable usage and the executives of Nile River as per the standards of global law is basic. “Going additional mile in the arrangements on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, Ethiopia has shown trust and great confidence which has been extraordinary in the Nile Basin,” Zerihun noted. The mediator brought up that Ethiopia was not counseled nor educated when Egypt fabricated the Aswan dam and extended its water system conspire. Likewise, Sudan never counseled Ethiopia while building the Rosary dam or the Merowe dam.

As opposed to those, Zerihun expounded that Ethiopia shared data and information, and welcomed the two downstream nations to work with her in surveying the plan and archives of the dam. “Nobody would have envisioned this,” he highlighted, further expressing that Ethiopia has shifted the direction and part of the Nile Basin.


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