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Statement by North Shewa Zone Prosperity Party Office

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Columnist Messay Mekonnen on current issues “Quiet down and pay attention to this reality.” Statement by North Shewa Zone Prosperity Party Office. Coming up next is the message from the North Shewa Zone Prosperity Party office on current undertakings. The heads of the fear-monger bunch disclosed to us that they had chosen to enter hellfire to annihilate Ethiopia. The one who saves to annihilate Ethiopia; Energy: They have more than once expressed that they have no time or assets.

They advised us of their sinister convictions, “In the event that we need to enter damnation to obliterate Ethiopia, we will enter.” The heads of the fear-based oppressor system have started to satisfy their guarantee to annihilate Ethiopia. They are more resolved than any other time to obliterate Ethiopia; They are battling Ethiopia with the hand of our authentic foes in glove. Because of their assurance to obliterate Ethiopia, the vast majority of individuals of Tigray did battle; along these lines, each Tigrayan who can annihilate Ethiopia should partake in the conflict. Unfit to bear the cost of it: He was told to add to the deterioration of Ethiopia through data and petition.

As a rule, reports show that the psychological militant TPLF has now assembled individuals of Tigray. This implies, practically speaking, that young men and young ladies who have not arrived at the period of military assistance; As well as more seasoned moms; The world are watching them. The psychological oppressor bunch has prepared such a lot of labor on various fronts; Especially in Raya; Abergele: Telemt: Wolkait: Afar and somewhat close to the Eritrean boundary.

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