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Statement from the Government

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Ethiopia doesn’t have a large number of these cards nowadays. It used to be considered as a force that could assume a compelling part in harmony and security around there and in Africa. With the current delicate inward circumstance, Ethiopia is to a greater extent a worry to local African harmony and security than a resource. Ethiopia needs to do a great deal to hold that status by building harmony and solidarity in the country and playing past governmental issues through ability and information, to be regarded and treated appropriately.

what’s more, bring the Nile case to the AU and express its ability to arrange. The explanation that exudes from Egypt of not being willing to arrange a “decrease of single drop” of Nile water isn’t a starter. Ethiopia ought to bring back its old partners and past and remind them not to permit Egypt and the USA to exploit Ethiopia’s interior circumstance. Ethiopia will win and that their smartest choice is being with Ethiopia. Ethiopia needs to educate the UN that the issue will be served best in African discussions. This will pull the carpet from under the feet of Egypt. The US and western forces won’t shakedown Ethiopia and utilize the present circumstance to by and by assuage their incredible Arab partners.

Egypt can’t proclaim battle on Ethiopia. It can’t send infantry to Ethiopia across Sudan. It is an outlandish situation. What it might do is send airplane and robots to hit the HERD. That is similarly self-destructive. It perhaps can sidestep Ethiopian air safeguard limits and cause harm to HERD. Be that as it may, Ethiopia has a more deadly reaction than Egypt has. It can, undoubtedly, hit the Aswan dam which is in the striking distance of Ethiopian airpower, as well as redirect one of the feeder streams to the Nile like the Tara River. The Aswan Dam traded off Egypt’s longing, as the vanguard of Arab patriotism. Egypt tested Israel freely as it did in three conflicts (1948, 1956, and 1967). In any case, Israel compromised Egypt that it will bomb the Aswan dam on the off chance that it attempts to touch off another contention. Sadat had no way out except for needed to settle on an essential choice to try for some degree of reconciliation with Israel. Egypt’s essential security danger was water, not Israel. With this choice, Arab patriotism and its aspiration gradually vanished. Egypt is not any more a danger yet a partner to Israel.

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