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strange things found on pictures

Most people nowadays keep a smartphone in their pocket at all times. As a result, it’s much easier to catch those odd moments that arise. But what if you purchase a new phone or camera and discover that it still has some strange photos on it? Alternatively, an image may appear on your camera roll that you don’t recall capturing! Take a look at these 13 strange photos that individuals discovered on their cameras. After swimming with a companion, a woman saw this perfectly placed shot on her phone. A phone was misplaced by a college student. It arrived in their mail slot a week later, with this photo on it. What is it about that dog that has that young couple completely enthralled? Have you ever imagined what it might be like to come across a horse at a shopping mall? These intriguing questions, as well as the accompanying mysterious photos, keep us awake at night (or keep us laughing until our bellies hurt). Strange characters, strange mishaps, and situations like these could have happened without anyone noticing in the past. But, because we live in the information age, all of these amusing photos can end up on the internet for us to enjoy. Check out our once-in-a-lifetime photo page for more weird situations taken with impeccable timing.

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