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street food in Dire Dawa kezira

Dire Dawa is located on the Dechatu River in the eastern region of the country, at the base of a ring of cliffs. The Gorro River, a tributary of the Dechatu River, runs through the western borders of the city. It is located at 9°36′N 41°52′EC latitude and longitude. 9°36′N 41°52′E are the coordinates. The city is an industrial hub with various markets as well as the Dire Dawa Airport. This month, I’ll be spending two weeks in Ethiopia for the first time. I’m quite enthusiastic and would like to seek your opinion. When I travel, I like to go around, eat, and mingle with the people. I’ve done Couchsurfing in the past and had a terrific time. The first question I have is concerning walking. What are some interesting walking places in Addis Ababa? Is it possible to wander around cities other than Addis Ababa? I’ve walked extensively in both urban and rural areas in Morocco and the Ivory Coast/Ghana, but Ethiopia may be rather different! The second query concerns food. Ethiopian cuisine fascinates me. This is definitely the main reason I’m here. Everything I tried, from kitfo to fir-fir to tej, was delicious. I’m seeking for dishes that aren’t accessible anywhere else on this trip. Is street food available in Addis Ababa? Are there any regional specialties I should keep an eye out for? Will eating out by myself (in terms of portions) be difficult? The final point concerns activities. I don’t go to museums, and I’m not really fond of nature. Danakil was the only item that drew my sight. Is it possible for me to go without going on a tour? I’d also like to spend time in the desert, the mountains, or other remote locations.

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