Tamagn and his family….Tamagn dancing on his son’s graduation

I have breakfast with a bunch of other dads and their kids once a month, along with my kids. I observe their children as each dad takes a turn going around the table and talking about their kids and what they’re proud of. As their father explains why he’s proud, they perk up and have their eyes wide open in anticipation. My children also have the same reaction, and their reactions are priceless. At the breakfasts, every single dad and child adores it. Even though this exercise is wonderful, I have to wonder how frequently we perform it when we are not attending All Pro Dad Chapter meetings. Do we express our pride in our children enough? The answer is no if we only do it once per month. Even though we may want to, there are times when our busy schedules prevent us from realizing how much more we could do to support our children. Catching your children doing something right on purpose is one of the best ways to show them you are proud of them more frequently. Find the positives in their athletic endeavors. Discover their progress as they get better at their instrument. Be alert for acts of kindness when they engage with their siblings or friends. We are more likely to find something if we look for it more. Find reasons to tell your children, “I am proud of you,” and then do it.

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