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Tamagne broke the silence about our people in Saudi Arabia

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Ethiopians rally Saudi Embassy, Tamagn Beyene, US state division. Tamagne ended the quietness about our kin in Saudi Arabia. On the gathering led by Janitrar Abay, Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa City Administration hung on Thursday, July 22 at Sheraton Addis, notable Ethiopian financial backers were included especially in the assembling business have pledged just about 200 million birrs to help the law implementation mission at the northern piece of Ethiopia.

Sources who went to the gathering revealed to Capital that the gathering was joined by brimming with appeal assessment and hair-raising disposition. At the gathering, financial backers guaranteed that they will keep on supporting the public authority’s work to cut the current test that the nation faces in northern Ethiopia. The law requirement measure was initiated when the prohibited and previous focal government political prevailing TPLF touched off terminating onto the northern order of Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) late November 3.

One of the members expressed the gathering was extremely enthusiastic. Sources said that unmistakable business pioneers including Sheik Mohammed Hussein Al-Amoudi, Sabir Argaw, Getu Gelete, Belayneh Kinde, Buzayehu Tadele, and others have promised a large number of birr to help the mission.

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