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Tariku Dinsa the new Ethiopian music star on the stage

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Fana Lamrot singer Elias Teklehaimanot’s performing Dawit Tsegie’s and others music. Otherwise called a Boutique inn for its rich and elegant feel, the initial two Mama’s Inn branches opened at 22 and Meskel Flower, out of the need to have Mama’s Kitchen’s worldwide and territorial visitors. Every Inn has first rate highlights like extensive rooms, Mama’s Kitchen eatery benefits, a completely supplied bar, and an assortment of Spa administrations, adding different quality administrations to the brand.

Since the Ethiopian New Year September 2012, we have additionally opened three new branches in 4 Kilo around the University, Entoto Park, and Unity Park, likewise. Nonetheless, I didn’t stop there. The thought is to accomplish something no chain in Addis has at any point endeavored to do previously, which is to support the nearby market and take the brand outside Ethiopia with its administrative center situated in Ethiopia, increasing the value of Ethiopia’s accommodation industry than today.

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