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Tariku Dishita Gina on Seifu EBS

Dishta Gina by Senegalese singer Akon Tariku Gankisi has piqued the interest of an American singer and songwriter. The song was first uploaded to YouTube in April of this year and has already surpassed 10 million views. The singer, Tariku Gankisi, is a subsistence farmer from the Jinka region of Ethiopia’s south western region. Has previously served in the Ethiopian military. Haile Gebreselassie, Ethiopia’s renowned long-distance athlete and entrepreneur, hosted Dishta Gina singer on Seifu on EBS chat show last month and tipped him 100,000 Ethiopian birr in appreciation of his work. A remix of Tariku Gankasi’s New Year’s Eve song, which he collaborated on with Senegalese-American singer Akon, has been released. The song, Dishta Gina, was originally sung in Ari and Amharic and is a term used during New Year celebrations. The phrase loosely translates to “Let us connect, love one another, and reconcile.” Ethiopians celebrated their new year on Saturday. The year begins on Saturday because their calendar is seven years and eight months behind the Western calendar. Tariku, who lives in the Jinka region of south-western Ethiopia, wants Akon to shoot the music video in his country.

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