Taxis that won’t give ride to men

Fighting off catcalls and vulgar remarks is a common daily occurrence for many women in Egypt. However, a new female-only, chauffeured vehicle service in the Egyptian capital is promising a safe way to commute. The drivers of Pink Taxi only accept reservations for their journeys, yet even while wearing fuchsia uniforms, they are skilled at negotiating Cairo’s fierce traffic bottlenecks.
When I saw that society required a secure means of transportation for women, I started to consider what I could offer. Her drivers are expected to speak English, have a college degree, and have at least two years of driving experience in Cairo. Each car has a GPS, a camera, and an SOS button that, in the event of an emergency, can halt the car and contact Pink Taxi headquarters. The businesswoman claims that expanding the employment prospects for women in Cairo was one of her driving forces in starting a female-only car service. Women struggle to get employment, the majority of businesses and the private sector favor men, and there are many jobs that women are unable to perform, according to her. She acknowledges that she encountered resistance when she first started looking for drivers. Many males responded by saying that since the majority of professional drivers are men, they didn’t like the idea of their daughters working as drivers. However, after putting up a TV ad and using social media to solicit applications, she chose 52 women to receive a two-month course in traffic law and auto maintenance. Pink Taxi, however, has come under fire from campaigners who believe that preventing women from entering public locations will not solve Egypt’s problem of sexual harassment. Segregation won’t, in my opinion, resolve the problem.

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