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Taye Dendea Speech in Cheffee Oromia

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Amharic Translation of Taye Dendea Speech in Cheffee Oromia. Another local government was set up today following the sixth General Election held in June the nation over. The previous boss overseer was chosen at the 6th round first gathering of the territorial state held in Aba Geda Hall at Adama.

Complimented not set in stone and equipped pioneer who has shown his ability through troublesome occasions, Shemelis will lead the district for the coming five years. Oromia Regional State Council has additionally chosen Speaker and Deputy Speaker for the chamber.

Appropriately, Sa’ada Abdurahman and Elias Umatan were chosen as Speaker and Deputy Speaker, individually. Another bureau was additionally shaped during the development of the new territorial government. Oromia Regional State Council has reappointed Shemelis Abdissa as Chief Administrator of the Regional State.

Gada firmly associated the social and political designs. Male Oromos were coordinated by age and age for both social and political exercises. The gada government depended on just standards. The abba Boku was a chosen “director” who managed the Chaffee (get together) and announced the laws.

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