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Teddy Afro And His Family

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A jewel is destined to a country, not that frequently, but rather comes after a test. Jawar is one of such pearls and the best things that has happened to the Oromo and Ethiopia. He lived, battled, and chatted to recover Ethiopia from itself more than once. Regardless of the portrayal by his doubters, he represented uniformity, equity, club, and concurrence. For his associates and companions, Jawar is an exemplification of splendor, devotion, and dynamic specialist of positive change.

For the Oromo youth, he regularly alludes to as their dad and guide, however, he favors calling himself as their sibling – in his words, he once said “I’m a qeerroo sibling. We grew up together.” Jawar’s private and public life remains as a declaration of his faith in rising above different types of social partitions. His remarkable multi-strict family foundation with a blend of Muslim, Orthodox, and Protestant Christian empowers him to comprehend and oblige the social gap.

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