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Teddy Afro and his wife Amleset having a great time

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Woldia, Sekota and Gaiyent news win. News information on the deposits of the Mekele Local. Among the inhabitants, Yohannes Goitom, said Rebellion, trailed by the withdrawal of the defend power, and the public authority, just as private properties, have been plundered by Monger Bunch’s hand.

As shown, the new butcher introduced by the severe gathering dependent on the dread of TPLF in customary individuals without blame in the spot of Afar shows that it is wild and truly centers less around human life. “As a relationship of mental oppressors, you might not want to pass on the TPLF.

The pioneers need Tigray people to kick the bucket with them. Along these lines, Tigray’s people have two other options. Tire your weight behind the bunch of the mental oppressors and kick the bucket with your managers or keep all constructions from getting support. I acknowledge that Tigray people ought to likewise truly ponder the huge number of youngsters, old individuals and women bite the dust in the locale of Afar and Amhara by the severe gathering of dread. ”

Solomon Wolde Gerima, said that adolescent Tigrayans have never regarded such issues overall. The gathering of the mental oppressor is confining youngsters who battle with the adjacent common states for any reason. The juvenile should diminish as needs be to taking TPLF arrangements, settled and battle against the gathering on the reasons that the commitment to guarantee the nation and their lives are framed with them, raised.

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