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Teddy Afro’s Birthday

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Teddy was conveyed in 2009 for the extraordinary individual after two years of confinement. His first show after release in Addis Ababa Stadium was gone to by 60,000 people, announcing his status as the top singer in the country.

Following seven years of keeping things under control for his assortment by his fans, in 2012, Teddy’s conveyed his fourth Album Tikur Sew (Black man). The assortment is considered as maybe the most anticipated Albums in Ethiopian music history. It was a second hit, breaking records of arrangements all over the country. The assortment of work moreover surrendered the holding fans accurately what they were looking for. The cover title of the assortment, Tikuer Sew praises ruler Menelik the II and highlights the Ethiopian victory over the Italians. Teddy verifies pride in the manner that Ethiopia was once in a while colonized, and compliments the head for his drive-in influencing the contention of the Italians.

Teddy’s latest and fifth assortment named Ethiopia was conveyed in May 2016. Without a doubt, the assortment showed up on charts and was sold rapidly. Teddy, again, notices Ethiopian history, love, fortitude, and vindication. The assortment showed up at the most noteworthy purpose in Billboard World Albums Charts, selling 600,000 units just several days after its conveyance.

Teddy Afro was chosen for the Kora awards in 2014 for Best Artist class in Eastern Africa. He is furthermore the single Ethiopian to top the Billboard World Albums Charts in 2017.

Following the wonderful accomplishment of the assortment, in 2006, Teddy Afro was caught and arraigned for a speedy in and out. In a legal activity that pulled in the thought of the entire country, Teddy was viewed as culpable of killing an 18 year’s old transient by his vehicle. Teddy denied every one of the charges and stayed aware that he was not driving on the evening of the incident using any and all means. The court considered him to be obligated and censured him for seemingly forever. Many battled that the sentence is politically moved and it was a remuneration back by the public power. Believe it or not, this further dispatches Teddy’s acclaim. Many felt that his confinement was a picture of the exact abuse of mavericks. His confinement just gave Teddy more admirers and made a group life status for him.


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