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Temesgn And Shemeles today in Gonder city

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Addressing ENA while commending the 1442nd Eid al-Adha at the Addis Ababa Stadium today, Said Al Juhar communicated his failure over the psychological militant TPLF which conveys kids into war violating strict and worldwide law. Compelling youngsters to go to fights, rather than developing them in training, religion, and discipline to prepare them to acquire a serene nation, is miserable, he added.

They highlighted that sending youngsters to war in opposition to this is inadmissible in both religion and humankind. As indicated by him, including kids in dangerous exercises denying their folks to see the brilliance of their youngsters is additionally unpardonable. In Islam, Said noticed that compelling youngsters to do exercises past their ability is illegal, not to mention drawing in them in war.

Mohammed Kediri said we need to pause and censure the barbarities submitted by the fear based oppressor bunch TPLF by conveying kids in fights. As inheritors of this country, kids ought to be developed in strict profound quality and Ethiopian qualities ​​rather than conveying firearms, he pushed. Kids ought to be shipped off schools where their expectations could thrive and turn out to be brilliant, as per Imam Sheik Salahuddin Wazir and Ibrahim Kedir.

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