Tesfahun introducing his new book in Seifu EBS

Tesfahin’s book is fantastic, and he’s a master of the sonnet form. Without writers, there would be no general public. Even if the demonstration of making is performed in isolation, writers do not live in an air pocket. Instead of loners, they’re the creators of a universe that we’re invited to join. Artists, regardless of whether their lyrics are recorded or sung, have a critical role in the education of their audience. This wasn’t lost on the ancient Greek logicians. It was an experience with learning and culture that came before any specific logical or political learning, in their perspective. They were aware of how important it was for young free Greeks to learn about Homer and other authors. Plato, in The Republic, was concerned that Homer created a horrible picture of the divine beings in his sonnets and ended up exiled artists from his city-state because of it! Plato’s criticism of Homer was no doubt as much about what verse is as it was about what it is not allowed to be. At the time, no one could tell you what verse you’re looking at. Jorge Luis Borges, an Argentine essayist, believes that the phrase “the outflow of the wonderful by words artfully laced together” may be adequate as a word reference, but it is nevertheless considered “weak” by him.

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