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Thanks to God we found him

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Love is an illusive idea. With a comparative quote that highlights your feelings in relation to other important things, you can aid your child in understanding how vast and deep your love is. This illustration makes the challenging concept of strong emotion more apparent for people of all ages and helps younger children understand it. My love for you is like a string of invisibility. Anywhere you go, we are still connected. Stronger than iron and tender than feathers, I love you. My love for you could circle the globe countless times, and when it has done so, it could continue on across the galaxy indefinitely. If my love for you had a hue, the spectrum of the rainbow would be it. I care for you in the same way that a warm sunbeam gradually warms your interior whenever a chill appears. The sky is taller than me, and the galaxy is wider than my love for you. My love for you is a compass pointing me toward wonderful journeys in a new world. You became the sun for my planet the instant you were born. Our love is stronger when we give it collectively, much like a superhero team. The greatest number, the farthest star, and the conclusion of my love for you are all inescapable.

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