The 10 years old who sounds like 40 years old man

Gifted kids frequently stick out. You are most likely here because you have noticed something strange about a student, or about yourself if you are that student, whether you are a parent, an instructor, or a student. Those without experience in gifted education might think that talented kids stand out because of their high accomplishment levels or strong grades. Many of us who work with brilliant children are aware that they are unique for other reasons as well, such as their peculiar sense of humour, their keen curiosity, or their refusal to sit still in class and repeat arithmetic facts when they would much rather be talking about the nature of infinity. Parents, teachers, and students themselves can all benefit from knowing if their children exhibit any gifted characteristics. Fundamentally, being gifted is a difference based on the brain that enriches our diverse and dynamic world. Due to their unique neurological makeup, profoundly talented adolescents develop intellectually, academically, and socially and emotionally in ways that are distinct from neurotypical people. Giftedness is the intrinsic capacity to perceive and understand the world in complicated ways that are markedly different from what is typical for one’s age. It’s significant that Delisle draws the difference that aptitude is not always obvious simply examining a student’s accomplishments. When speaking up for a highly brilliant child who may appear average or even below average in school, this can frequently be a source of conflict. Like the majority of people, highly skilled pupils are distinct individuals with a wide range of interests and talents.

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