The 13 year old who is in 11th grade got African Guinness records

You most likely had some instruction from someone, followed by a lot of practise. The process of learning to study is very similar. Nobody is born with the ability to learn. A few study techniques must be learned, then put into practise. You begin learning and studying when you pay attention in class and take thorough notes. Do you find it difficult to concentrate in class? Do you have a noisy neighbour nearby? Is the board difficult to see? Make sure you’re in a comfortable seat that allows you to concentrate. Any issues that are stopping you from paying attention and taking thorough notes should be brought up with your teacher or parents. Having trouble taking notes? Start by jotting down details that your teacher brings up in class or writes on the board. To make it easier to read your notes afterwards, try your best to write clearly. Organising your papers, quizzes, and notes by subject is also a smart idea. It won’t be a nice homework night if you wait until Thursday to study for your test on Friday. It also makes doing your best difficult. We’re all guilty of procrastinating occasionally. Making a strategy in advance is one of the finest strategies to make sure that doesn’t occur. Then, you can schedule how much time you’ll spend on each topic and how much you’ll do after school each day.

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