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Finding great talent can be challenging in today’s extremely competitive world. Someone who can serve a variety of functions on your team and who others look up to as a leader, motivator, and role model. They typically serve as the backbone of your team, a leader not just in name but also in deed. They have a strong sense of self-motivation, understand your vision and strategy, and frequently have an impact on how others carry out that strategy. I think it is even more crucial to keep these talented people because of the effect they have on the company. To find new and innovative talent, the majority of businesses invest a significant amount of money in recruiting. They use a variety of strategies to recruit new talent, including targeted hiring, internships, and college hire programs. Ironically, despite having talent, these companies don’t put nearly as much effort into developing it. Performance-based companies will undoubtedly make an effort to reward these “A” players with raises in pay or bonuses. But throughout my career, I’ve discovered that money is more often a source of satisfaction than a source of motivation. Based on their own assessments, I’ve discovered that top performers develop expectations for a particular level of pay. If you achieve that level, the employee is happy; if you fall short, the employee will not be happy and could leave. A monetary incentive will not, however, have a long-lasting impact on truly motivating top talent. Every person is unique, and it is your responsibility as a leader to know and understand what drives your team members. Being able to telecommute for a predetermined period of time, having a window or a special office, and career advancement may all serve as motivators for some people. The most talented people seek out ongoing challenges. They want to help develop new solutions or be the first to learn new tools. These people enjoy diversity, learning new things, and mentoring others. They also adore their jobs.

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