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The 16 years old yibelital whose is training in Barcelona B1

Talent, hard work, and the greatest training possible are all required to become a professional football player. That is why, for more than a decade, we have been building our football program to provide young players with the opportunity to learn from Spain’s top football academy. Through intensive instruction and great exposure in youth football events, you will progress and be able to take your game to the next level. It is critical to master the field position that best suits your talent as you embark on your incredible adventure to become a pro football player. While teaching you the fundamentals of every other position on the field, our position training methods will put you in the best position to succeed. It’s only one aspect of your football journey to improve your position skills. The ball movement, field balance, defensive pressure, and offensive tactics were all emphasized in our team training methodology. Football is one of the most advanced team sports in the world, with a variety of field formations and offensive methods to master if you want to play professionally. You’ll discover the most effective ways to play with your teammates in order to assist your team win. Both trainings will assist you in preparing to compete at the top level while striking the ideal balance between individual abilities and cutting-edge tactical techniques. You’ll create the ideal environment for you to excel on the field and be noticed during tournaments.

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