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The 2 parts of your mind and how to motivate yourself

The conscious mind is in charge of short-term memory, analysis, and thought. We stay sane by rationalising our behaviour. In order to function properly, we require structure and order. The analytical mind recognises issues and uses our short-term memory and willpower to come up with fixes for those issues. Real internal change cannot take place in the conscious mind because these are just transient. The subconscious mind, which makes up around 90% of our minds, is where the change occurs. This is the mental region that is more potent. Every item of information that is received is stored in the long-term memory, which also links them to feelings, emotions, and beliefs. Our past shapes who we are today. Based on our long-term memory and the feelings connected to it, we think, see, and act in certain ways. For hypnotherapy to successfully affect a client’s behaviour, habits, feelings, or beliefs, this area of the brain must be used. In order to transform the subconscious mind, hypnotherapy links the client’s problems to a solution. The subconscious section of the brain houses the autonomic nervous system, which is in charge of our automatic functions including breathing, eating, heartbeat, and blood circulation. Hypnosis makes use of our creativity, imagination, and worldview, which are all stored in this area, to effect change.

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