The 5 methods I used to avoid people pleasing

Being polite or pleasant to other people is not intrinsically immoral. In actuality, it’s a pretty useful quality. But sometimes we act in this way to keep from disappointing other people or to put pressure on ourselves to live up to a certain standard. People-pleasers frequently make a conscious decision to behave in this way out of a fear of upsetting others. Although it is a fantastic method to avoid conflict, doing so will wear you out and make you miserable in the long term. Being true to yourself is challenging if your actions and words are constantly being influenced by what you believe other people desire. It becomes simple to spend the majority of your energy trying to make other people happy rather than trying to make yourself happy. Because of this, engaging in this activity inevitably results in low self-esteem, a sense that there are too many demands of you, and the failure to build effective coping mechanisms. The most crucial thing to keep in mind when acting is to be genuine to yourself. Avoid acting in a way that will make you appear attractive to others, and instead, stick to what you know is best for you. Don’t be scared to stand your ground if you’ve been forced to do something you don’t feel comfortable with. It demonstrates your independence by demonstrating your strength. You can quit trying to please everyone, but not by becoming someone you are not. People will appreciate you more if you stay true to yourself. Yes, it’s a challenging one. Sometimes it’s necessary to remind yourself that it’s acceptable to say “no” because people-pleasing may become such a deeply entrenched habit. When someone asks you to do something you don’t want to do, or if they make an unreasonable or impossible request, it’s acceptable to put your needs first and say “no.”

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