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the 7 benefits of coffee and it’s side effects

For millennia, coffee has been both lauded and derided. It’s been blamed for causing impotence and insanity, as well as being a treatment for lethargy and a “gift from god.” It’s a big deal. The most well-known element in coffee is caffeine, the world’s most widely ingested psychoactive drug. Although the positive effects of coffee on the human body have been widely studied, coffee as a whole is a complicated beverage containing a thousand different chemicals. Some studies claim that decaf and caffeinated coffee have similar health effects, implying that caffeine isn’t responsible for the majority of coffee’s health advantages. Drinking a cup of black coffee an hour before a workout can boost your performance by 11-12 percent. Caffeine raises the amount of adrenaline in your blood. Adrenaline is the “fight or flight” hormone in your body, and it helps you prepare for physical effort. Coffee includes magnesium and potassium, which assist the human body in using insulin, controlling blood sugar levels, and lowering your desire for sugary snacks and treats. Caffeine aids fat cells in breaking down body fat and using it as training fuel. Coffee aids concentration and alertness.
Caffeine use of 1-6 cups per day helps you focus and boosts mental alertness. According to studies, coffee drinkers had a 25% lower overall risk of early death than non-coffee drinkers. Coffee has been demonstrated to reduce the incidence of prostate cancer in males by 20% and endometrial cancer in women by 25%, according to one study. The participants in the study consumed four cups of coffee per day. Caffeine may also help to prevent the most prevalent type of skin cancer, basal cell carcinoma. A moderate amount of coffee (2–4 cups per day) is linked to a lower risk of stroke. According to studies, drinking coffee on a regular basis reduces the risk of Parkinson’s disease by 25%. There is evidence that coffee stimulates the portion of the brain that is impaired by Parkinson’s disease. Coffee is high in antioxidants, which act as small fighters in your body, battling and protecting you from free radicals.

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