The Afrima award winner Gutu Abera

Vocal training is a key factor in improving as a singer. Your voice is a muscle that you need to exercise in order to develop, just like when you play a sport or work out. You can learn methods to hone your voice by working with a qualified voice coach. A voice coach can assist you in developing your voice as an instrument similar to the piano. Think about taking private singing lessons with a vocal teacher who can guide you in developing your own voice. To choose the voice teacher who will be the best fit for you, schedule meetings with at least three of them. Ice cream, yoghurt, and cheese all contribute to the buildup of extra mucus in the throat, which makes singing challenging. Additionally, avoid hot and salty foods because they can irritate your vocal chords and throat. Other meals that could trigger acid reflux, such as fatty or spicy foods, can aggravate your vocal chords and make breathing difficult. Using a personal humidifier can help keep your voice chords healthy in addition to eating and drinking the correct meals and beverages. Add water to the humidifier; omit the sachets of medicine. Before warming up and during voice rest, you can use the humidifier.

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