The American deacon got married an Ethiopian in a Teklil ceremony

A social institution that is prevalent in society is marriage. The wedding ceremonies vary according to the culture of the society. Church marriage (sireate teklil) is a custom that is observed in Ethiopian Orthodox churches. Every procedure and event in the wedding ceremony has its own meanings and symbolic representations. Prior to the wedding, tasks include looking at family trees and teaching the couple expectations. The next step is to send elders to the bride’s family. Once the bride’s family has given their approval, the wedding day can be set and the ceremony can begin. Transitioning from one status to another occurs frequently in human life. During the transitional period, rituals are carried out. One of these rituals is the rite of passage. It is a customary celebration that signifies a person’s rise through the social ranks. One of the rites of passage is marriage. “A union between a man and a woman such that the children born to the woman are recognized as legitimate offspring of both parents,” is the definition of marriage. These rights differ from culture to culture, and none are sufficiently common to serve as a foundation for the definition of marriage. Marriage as a mystery or sacrament that was established during creation with God’s blessing. He added that marriage is more of a spiritual path for the Orthodox Church, a quest for God and the mystery of oneness and love. The bride and groom, as well as their respective best men and bridesmaids, arrived at the wedding from different directions. The couple greeted each other when they first saw each other at the church’s entrance. The bridesmaid and groomsmen held a candle that was lit and allowed the couple to enter the church grounds.

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