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The Amhara Militia that defeated TPLF

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The Amhara Militia crushed TPLF. The move comes following the declaration of the one-sided truce by the public authority and the control of Mekelle by powers of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). Aside from this, in the recent weeks, Officials from various Sub-urban areas have closed down organizations supposedly occupied with illicit activities, The Reporter learned.

Drawn closer by The Reporter for additional explanations recently, Officials of Bole, Yeka, Arada, Akaki, and Gulele Sub-urban communities, said that few business substances were found to have been occupied with improper and illicit business exercises and upsetting neighborhoods (commotion contamination) through music played during the evening time.

As indicated by the central executive of Bole Wereda 3, Philimon Gashaw, secret examinations over organizations were done after they got many grumblings of aggravation from an unlicensed dance club. He noticed that the conclusion was the consequence of the examinations. Authorities in the Wereda discovered Harmony Hotel, Kaleb Hotel, XO Addis Club, Join Club, and more than 82 comparable organizations, to have been playing music that embarrasses the ENDF, at the danger of kindling general society into additional brutality, had it not taken a brief choice.


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